Blogging about ChatGPT, Algorithmic Trading and Machine Learning

Blogging about ChatGPT & AI, Algorithmic Trading, Machine Learning

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ChatGPT, Algorithmic Trading, Machine Learning

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I’m sharing everything on my journey to mastery:

ChatGPT API and prompts: Delving into Python-based implementation, exploring various models and methods developed by OpenAI, providing valuable insights and tips for enhancing prompts and maximizing the chat experience.

Algorithmic trading strategies: Building over 30 technical indicators in Python from scratch with detailed interpretation and demonstrating how to leverage ChatGPT for enhanced learning and advancement.

Machine learning models: Providing comprehensive Python implementations and concise explanations of the mathematical concepts behind various machine learning models, delivered in a manner that I would have valued during my own learning journey six years ago.

Prompt Engineering In ChatGPT

Maximize your knowledge and harness the full potential of ChatGPT through mastery of Prompt Engineering techniques.

Sample - Trend Following Algorithms Using ChatGPT
Uncover the power of ChatGPT as a learning tool for mastering trend following strategies. Explore how to effectively utilize ChatGPT in conjunction with Python to implement and execute these strategies with ease
How To Learn Algo Trading With ChatGPT?
Learn how to use effectively ChatGPT to learn algorithmic trading strategies – A detailed guide.
GPT Trading Advisor Bot
Get my GPT Trading Advisor bot on cryptocurrency 
GPT Market Insights Analyst
GPT Macro-economic outlook for 2024 - Market Insight Analyst
Chat with this GPT to get the 2024 outlooks from the biggest financial firms
Grow your knowledge In Algorithmic Trading
Technical Indicators Using Python and Ta-lib
Sample - Technical Indicators Python and TALib
Learn how to implement one of the famous momentum indicators and its 2 versions using Python implementation from scratch and comparing it to TALib implementation
Technical Indicators in Python
Technical Indicators - Python and TA-lib
EBOOK - 15€
Discover over 25 Technical Indicators, including Momentum and Trend Following strategies. Gain a deep understanding of each indicator through clear, detailed explanations, interpretations, and formulas. Experience hands-on learning with full Python implementation, allowing you to apply these indicators effectively. Additionally, compare your results with TAlib calculations to ensure accuracy and broaden your understanding of their practical applications  
Grow your knowledge in Machine Learning
Sample - Linear Regression Models
Start learning the most important linear models explained with clear insights into the underlying mathematics and enhance your proficiency through hands-on Python practice
Linear Regression Models
Linear Regression Models
EBOOK - 17€
Learn the most important linear models, understand their cost function and the mathematics behind, discover optimization algorithms, the different type of regularization and practice all way with Python  

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