Trend Following Algorithms Using Python

SAMPLE OF TrEND following algorithms using chatgpt

Are you eager to explore the implementation of popular trend following strategies?
Are you intrigued by the idea of utilizing ChatGPT for this purpose?

Grab a copy of the free ebook “Trend Following Algorithms Using ChatGPT” and uncover the techniques for implementing them in Python, assisted by ChatGPT.


6 Trend Following algorithms: 

  • Trendline Breakout
  • Moving Average Crossover 
  • Channel Breakout
  • Momentum – Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  •  Momentum – Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Dual Moving Average Crossover


Ebook Trend Following Algorithms Using ChatGPT

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Hi there! I’m Hanane, and I’m passionate about machine learning, AI (ChatGPT), and algorithmic trading. I’m the creator behind this blogging website.

Currently, I work as an algo trader in a bank, leveraging my background as a data scientist. I have a strong enthusiasm for delving into various technical fields.

Throughout my learning journey, I have explored self-learning in areas such as data science, web development, and algorithmic trading.


Through this sample ebook, my intention is to provide you with a concise introduction to the essential trend following algorithms and demonstrate how ChatGPT can be utilized to inquire about Python code. Additionally, I aim to emphasize the importance of maintaining a critical mindset when assessing ChatGPT’s responses.

I hope you enjoy reading it!