Technical Indicators in Python

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Technical Indicators - Python and TA-lib

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Get your ebook and Learn over 25 meticulously implemented momentum and trend following indicators in Python, complete with clear interpretations and explanations. Experience hands-on learning with full Python implementation, allowing you to apply these indicators effectively. Additionally, compare your results with TAlib calculations to ensure accuracy and broaden your understanding of their practical applications.


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What's included:

This is what you’ll get with your purchase, to help you gain knowledge in algorithmic trading:

Comprehensive descriptions and detailed formulas for over 25 technical indcators

Detailed Python implementation from scratch, with various methods of implementation for certain indicators.

Comparison with TA-Lib implementation, including comprehensive calculation methodology tips to ensure consistent results.

Clear visualizations and tips for interpreting the results


You are interested in learning seriously the algorithmic trading.

You are a beginner seeking a comprehensive overview of the most important technical indicators.

You are at an intermediate level and want to implement these indicators yourself in Python.

You are an advanced user who prefers customizing indicator calculations for specific use cases instead of relying on existing libraries.

You want to save time by having all the important indicators conveniently compiled in one place.


With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, becoming a data scient and an algorithmic trader, I have developed a diverse skill set. Along my journey, I delved into self-learning, exploring data science, web development, and algorithmic trading. Through numerous professional and independent projects, I had the opportunity to put these skills into practice. 

In this ebook, I share my journey towards mastering algorithmic trading, bringing together the most essential technical indicators in one place. You will find detailed descriptions, formulas, and Python implementations to guide you on your own path.

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