I'll share with you my custom gpt trading bot advisor

 As you may know, OpenAI announced during their DevDay event held on November 06th, 2023 that they have released a new feature: GPT Builder.

 A GPT is simply a bot that you can customize to your own use without any code, and without using OpenAI API.
You can upload your files there, and set
Actions. You can access the web, and have use the code interpreter.

 Have a look on my linkedin post to see how I specified it: 



My GPT Link.

Schema example of CryptoCompare website, if you want to create your own Trading GPT.

WHAT y'll need To make it work:

 You need a ChatGPT Plus.

You need to create CryptoCompare account and get an API Key, if you want to create your own Trading GPT.

You can choose what ever crypto data website you’d like, but you need to adapt the schema to its API.

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