Discover how to analyze audio and YouTube Videos with OpenAI’s Whisper Model and how to extract key topics from them. Furthermore, you’ll also learn how to transform these insights back into audio

Why to use it?

Convert your meeting’s audio into insightful key topics

Transform video/audio recordings into learning summaries

Extract actionable insights from video content to generate article ideas

Transcribe and analyze spoken queries and responses for your voice assistant



You’ll get a free notebook that provides detailed instructions on how to use OpenAI’s models from whisper to chat completion and more

Transcribe a large video : You’ll learn how to chunk it to respect the limit of openai Whisper model (max size to be sent 25MB).

Extract key points from this transcript using chat.completions models: When dealing with large videos/audios, we’re also dealing with large transcripts. So how to manage these? you’ll get:

*   An overview of the different chat.completions models with their context window lengths and their pricing.

*   Tokens counting and cost estimation for each model

*   Calling chat.completions for each model to show you limitations of prompt context windows depending on the model.

Then, once you have the key topics (or a summary), how to transform it back to an audio? We’ll use another OpenAI model:

*   Discover how….

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